Monday, June 26, 2000
Wow! The freedom to place my text directly onto the web, instead of merely having random paragraphs of my emails hijacked and held hostage on other people's blogs. Yeah, i guess i should enjoy the literary subversion, but i call it being taken out of context, goddammit! (the blaspheming Faj here, by the way)

Anyway, i just wanted to enjoy this newfound freedom, and while i'm here, to extend the dawson's creek/cliches ideas from Tim's previous blog. I would like to say, for the record, that i am not afraid of cliches, in fact, i think they are unavoidable. There are only so many permutations of the boy-meets girl, boy-loses-girl dynamic etc., which is why teen drama is so popular, and it was so valid for the first season of 90210 to be issue-based, eg the drug episode, and the teen-pregnancy episode. Modern sociology has shown the repeating 'patterns' in human behaviour, which if they are not cliches themselves, certainly perpetuate others. Nevertheless, just because the events of our life need be cliched, does not mean our experiences of them need be. As far as we know, there is no 'elementary particle' of experience of consciousness, and so the sense of self gained from experience and overall consciousness may be quite unique.

Earlier dramas, such as 90210, gained a lot of criticism for having such cliched events and dialogue, but i think the characters of these shows were merely expressions of the teen-cliches the show was trying to express, and the characters had no autonomy outside of the cliched dynamics of the relationships they had with their family, friends, and boy/girlfriends. I think Dawson's Creek tries hard to give its characters some realism and autonomy outside of the drama that ensues each week, but i think this is yet to be seen. The dialogue of the characters gives them a soul, but it is yet to expand beyond passively experiencing the neverending onslaught of cliches. If u listen very carefully, u can hear the muffled cries of the characters, "Help me! I'm trapped in this world of cliches!" The fear that the viewer can feel, is when they identify with the events of the program, and therefore identify their own identity with that of the characters, as Tim expressed previously. But our own speech and thoughts are not governed by underpaid underfed hollywood writers.

Fly and be free!

All complaints about coherence and content should be sent to me, but feel free to complain to Tim as well for letting me post this crap.


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